-L​et your Light Shine,

in front of people,

that ​they may see
your good works
-Matthew 5:16



Welcome to AmazinGrace4kids Daycare!!

  A​mazingGrace4kids Daycare offers childcare for ages 0 thru 12 years of age. My goal at AmazinGrace4kids Daycare is to provide a fun, caring, and safe environment for your child. While encouraging social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development. Your child will receive quality personal and individual care in a warm and loving home, where they can feel safe and happy and can begin to build self confidence and positive self image.

   My home is designed to provide a nurturing atmosphere along with a large dedicated area directly for the children to actively learn, play, and grow : children should be able to learn at their own pace, in a stimulating environment with spacious rooms in, an welcoming home setting giving each child the feeling of happiness love, care, warmth, and trusting environment.

  Children of all ages I incorporate lots of daily activities into their daily schedule which include; painting, coloring, games, crafts, free play, song and dance, exercise, various creative projects, water plays, and play, and much more. We have a large fully fenced child friendly backyard equipped with fun and safe toys. Additionally I provide afterschool homework help for school age children 3rd grade and up, which starts every August.

  I participate in a Parent Provider food program here in Sacramento Ca, providing well balanced healthy nutritious meals and snacks for your child. 
I maintain a safe and clean environment in my daycare. 
All toys and bedding are cleaned on a regular basis.

  I provide a large variety of hours for your Childcare needs. My Daycare is a 24hour service and also available on weekends. I'm very flexible with hours. You can stop by as a Drop in. I work with parents.

Other services I provide are...

*CPR classes 

*PE Fitness/Zumba, Zumbini Fitness
*Field Trips

*Basic Sign Language
*Basic Spanish
*Get own Daycare T-Shirt for Fieldtrips Ect...

I look forward to taking care of your child and being a positive influence in their life. If you may have any question about my Daycare please contact me anytime.