~~Put your mind to rest, taking Care of children

is what I do best~~

   Hi, and Thanks again for viewing my website.

Finding the right childcare for your child should give you a sense of comfort and confidence knowing that your child's well-being and development is my top priority. I am grateful to have the opportunity to care for children.

Now a little about me...

I have a hard time knowing where to start when it comes to telling everyone about me. So, I guess I'll start with my name is Grace, however I've gained the name Ms. G from the little blessings I care for.  I also have a daughter who is out of sight !!

I Love jazz music, teaching little humans, and art/painting, along with many other things.

 AmazinGrace 4Kids Daycare was established in 2010 and has been growing ever since. My joys & experiences with my daycare is seeing kids grow & learn with me. Seeing their eyes light up when they learn and try something new is a blessing. They all look up to me in so many ways.I couldn't ask for anything more.

For as long as I can remember I've been an caretaker rather working with babies or the elderly. It all started for me at the age of just 11. I began watching my nieces and nephews. They were such a delight, I wanted to do more !! As I got older, I recognized I was making a difference in their lives which was great !!

As a parent, Quality childcare may seem challenging and hard to find at times. Finding a provider to fit your needs can be difficult with hours, days, or just finding the right provider who is truly caring for you child/(ren) with compassion and love. I once upon a time needed quality childcare and couldn't find it at the time anywhere. Before I even realized. I started to really see a need for childcare/ Quality childcare. I'm now licensed and CPR Certified and recently a CPR certified instructor. I decided to open my very own childcare In my home and also offer classes to new caring provider such as myself. To be that need parents seek to find. A 24 hour quality, fun, loving, caring, nurturing, and supportive family Childcare.

I've been caring for children of all ages and embracing this amazing gift that I've been blessed to discover.I've learned alot over the years providing childcare, and Im still learning everyday !!