Daily Schedule:

* 6:00-8:30am Arrival, PBS/Nick Jr. TV or free play indoors older children may help with breakfast.

*8:30-9:00am Cleanup and wash hands for breakfast.

*9:00-9:15am Cleanup for diaper changes.

*9:15-10:00am Group Activities (stories, sing songs, learning time w/Arts & Crafts.)

*10:30am Cleanup and wash hands for am snack.

*11:00-11:45am Outdoor play (weather permitted) or indoor active time.

*11:45-12:00pm Cleanup and wash hands for lunch.

*12:30pm Lunch

*12:45-2:20pm Nap/Rest time

*2:20pm Wake up, diaper change/Potty time.

*2:20-3:30pm Child pickup (School Depending.)

*4:00 Wash hands for pm snack

*4:15-4:30pm Free play for the younger children (outdoor permitting.)Homework time for the school age children. Once homework is completed allowed free play also. 

*4:35-5:00pm Pickup toys, cleanup preparation to go home.

*5:00-5:30pm Remaining children are allowed to watch a movie (G-rated) until parents arrive for pickup. 


       Evening Schedule:

*5:30-6:00pm Arrival generally begins in evening care for children.

*6:00-6:45pm Dinner

*6:45-7:45pm Outside play/Free time

*8:00pm Evening snack wash-up and prepare for bed.

*8:15-8:45pm Cleanup, pickup toys, then story time. 

*8:45-9:00pm Unwind, relax, quiet time

*9:00pm Bed time. Night night Sweet Dreams {~_~}Zzz

Wonder. Learn. Grow

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