***** 5 Stars

Bailey I. 5/4/2018

My son has grown so much during his time spent in your care, and I know that he feels safe and loved when he is there, and I don't have to worry that he isn't being properly cared for. He is so smart for 1.5 pointing out letters and numbers from you incorporating that education into his day-to-day. When it comes to raising kids they say it takes a village, and as a single parent I really feel so lucky to have you in mine!

AmazinGrace 4Kids Daycare

*****  5 Stars
Tomaleda A. 01/10/2014
"I have experienced Grace(owner) with children. She is great with them. She is reliable, trustworthy and loving. She would be a great choice to take care of your child(ren). She would treat them as if they one of her own."

*****  5 Stars
Key I. 01/15/2015

"Amazing Grace 4 kids daycare. Says it all. My son has been attending Ms.G daycare since 7 months now at 15 months my son know he's colors, number, ABC and much more. Everything is up to date... My son is happy with a clean environment. I feel safe with relief when my son is in her care. I highly recommend her to anyone I come across looking for a loving education stapled childcare..."

***** 5 Stars

Marie L.11/20/2015
"When we 1st met Ms G, we knew she would give a good care to our son. She was warm, energetic and so friendly. And even though we only stayed with her for a few hours, i know she made an impression with our little guy for he always say "go to daycare". Thank you Ms. G! Maybe when Teddie is much older and able to understand the situation, he'll stay with you longer!"

*****5 Stars

Mrisol M. 1/16/2016

"Sometimes in life things get thrown at you, that are not foreseen, I never thought I would become a single mother, the mere thought of putting my baby in daycare was so scary, when I applied for child action, they approved everything, gave me the list were I could go, after going to 4 daycares, I mean I cant even believe some of the places that can be ran, to take care of our children, I had given up that day, from overly crowded, to dirty, everything like a nightmare, then Grace returned my call, from the moment I walked in her townhome, close to freeway, her home was that a home, she has been taking care of my son, for two years now, she's loving, caring, she's taught my son manners, his ABC's, everything that a mother could wish in a daycare, is here. At amazing grace for kids daycare, her home is always clean, and she really takes care of my son, I am very thankful she returned my call that day."



*****  5 Stars
Dawn F. 08/03/2015

"The absolute best child care you will ever have! Miss Grace cares for your child like they are her own. There is nothing better than knowing that your child is being well taken care of while you are at work. Give her a call today!"